A collaborative project with my illustration collective Meet The Kawan. We created a collection of paper goods to commemorate the Lunar New Year of 2021. 

Self-Initiated Project


Working collaboratively between Minifanfan, Yuwen Ong and I, we’ve given a new breath to the traditional Lunar New Year decorations (Lunar New Year red packets, spring couplets, and door gods), by infusing them with some fun, local flavours.

Cai Shen (The God of Wealth) and Yue Lao (The God of Marriage) are popular figures, especially during the Lunar New Year as people worship them to bless good fortune and relationships for the upcoming year. I chose the two deities as my main topic in honour of the traditional door god posters that people hang by their doors to protect their homes.

I injected fun and humour into my depiction by referencing pop culture, adding popular emoji icons in Cai Shen, and having Yue Lao holding a Supreme money gun.


【下班生活志】本地设计师的文创红包封,好看又实用, Cityplus FM| 2021
✦ 红包封 新气象, 东方日报 Oriental Daily | 2021

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